How Mud Damages Carpet

Spring showers mean two things: summer is close, and mud. The latter can be particularly bad news for the carpeting in your home and can be tracked in easily by children, shoes, and pets.

Wearing Down Carpet Fibers

Mud almost destroys carpets from the inside. The small particles that make up the mud, and dirt and it carries, can be pushed deep into the carpet fibers by walking on it, or improper cleaning which may force the dirt deeper into the carpet. The dirt can then cause the fibers to wear down, leading to tears and holes in the carpeting itself. This tearing can be both unsightly, and even dangerous by creating tripping hazards. Mud can hurt the fibers in the carpet, and cause them to break down which can make proper stain removal crucial.

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Because of how deep mud can go into the carpet, it can lead to stains and discoloration. Once mud and dirt have reached the carpet fibers, it is too deep for many common cleaning methods to reach. Your vacuum cleaner will not do you much good in this situation. Deep dirt and grime can also dull the carpet and make it lose its vividness, besides wearing down the fibers. At this point, cleaning the carpet can be quite difficult, and may require a professional cleaning company.

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What to do

Depending on how deep and big the stain is, it may be best to call a professional carpet cleaning company to perform a deep cleaning. The carpet cleaning machines and chemicals these technicians have access to can reach deep into the fibers, as well as clean the surface, restoring your carpet’s color and structural integrity. When cleaning at home, be careful not to rub the stain because it will only spread the dirt around and force it deeper into the fibers.

To get rid of mud stains on your own, start by getting rid of any dried up pieces by using a stiff brush. After removing the large and dry areas, use a cleaning solution to remove the rest. Be careful to follow the instructions on the bottle.