2018 Cleaning Trends

2018 is just around the corner and the new trends are already being published in all the magazines. Here at Sears Clean we care about being at the top of the industry and we want you to put your best home forward next year so here are three new cleaning trends for 2018.

Green Cleaning

The environment is high on everyone’s mind these days and one easy way to go green is to start cleaning green! There are several ways to decrease your ecological footprint while you clean. One of the best ways is to stop using paper towels. 13 billion pounds of paper towels are thrown away every year. That’s 45 pounds per person per year! (Not to mention how many cardboard tubes are thrown away with them). Opt for different sized and textured cloths for different jobs. Microfiber cloths are good for polishing wood or windows and dusting all your knick knacks. Get some cloths with good texture to scrub counters and stovetops.

Another great way to clean green is the products you use. “Green” labeled products do generally have less harmful chemicals for you and the environment, but they can also be more expensive and it can take extra elbow grease to get the same amount of clean.

Shhhh, let me tell you a secret – you don’t actually need those cleaners at all. Baking soda and vinegar can take care of way more than you can imagine. Add some rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to the list and you have a cleaning powerhouse. There are plenty of tutorials online for making your own cleaning mixes so get creative with your cleaning.

Super High-Tech Cleaning Gadgets

Everything in our homes is smart now, from the lights to the thermostat, even your garage can be controlled with wifi now, so why not make our cleaning the same way? The easiest way to start is with a robot vacuum cleaner or floor sweeper, but don’t stop there. Automatic shower and toilet cleaners range from simple clip on devices to whole technological marvels. (Yes there are toilets with wifi). A quick google search reveals automatic window cleaners, automatic gutter cleaners, automatic air purifiers, even automatic litter boxes. Don’t be afraid to grab the future by the robot and make your cleaning life easier.

Cleaning Schedules

It’s no secret that 2018 with be the year of organization. As different groups of people organize together to make change, you can change the way you organize your cleaning. The trick is to start slow and remain steady. Pick one thing a day, one thing a week, or one thing a month to deep clean. For example, Wake up 10 minutes earlier every Tuesday (or whichever day of the week suits your fancy) to polish your bathroom mirror and give the toilet a quick wipe down. On the first Sunday of every month, promise yourself (and follow through) to clean the tops of your fan blades and door frames. Just like you schedule lawn care services or dentists appointments, you should put the cleaning and care of your house on a timeline. Not only will you save money on cleaning services, but your house will be shining and bright.

This is one time when following the crowd really is in your best interest. Jump on the 2018 cleaning train to a better home. Just remember, it can’t be a trend unless everyone is doing it so you’ve got to do your part and keep cleaning!