6 Reasons Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough to Clean Your Carpet Thoroughly

For many, running a vacuum cleaner over their carpet every week or so makes them feel like they deserve a pat on the back. Sure, you are being responsible, you are keeping your place neat and tidy. The truth is, however, that not only should you really be using your vacuum cleaner multiple times per week, if you are only relying on this one appliance to keep your carpet clean, that’s not enough either (no matter how many times you use it). In order to thoroughly clean your carpet, yes, vacuuming regularly is necessary, but you should really only think of it as the first step in keeping your carpet clean. You must also make sure to get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Here’s why vacuuming alone isn’t enough to thoroughly clean your carpet:

Vacuuming will only clean the top layer of your carpet

Even with the most powerful and heavy-duty of vacuums, there are some things that a vacuum will not be able to get to. Carpets hold a buildup of pet dander, dead skin cells, dust, dirt, and more, which can all lead to bacteria being spread around your home.

While vacuuming will remove a lot of these substances and may make your carpet look clean on the surface, the truth is that they can’t suck out what is buried deeper. All of these things that are trapped deep down can potentially cause illness, especially in pets and young children who may spend a lot of time on the floor. They will also make it much worse for allergy sufferers, as it will greatly decrease the air quality in your home.

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Vacuuming won’t prevent mold

Another thing that carpet will hold on to that your vacuum won’t be able to suck out is moisture. Especially if you live in a humid climate or somewhere very snowy or rainy, that moisture will come in from outside and get trapped in your carpet. This can cause mold and mildew, which raises obvious health concerns.

You can’t remove spots and stains by vacuuming

Whether you live by yourself or have a big family running around, spills and stains are pretty much inevitable. Sure, running a vacuum over your carpet may get rid of some of the dust and dirt, but stains are a whole other story. In order to thoroughly remove these, a professional steam cleaning is often necessary.

Vacuuming won’t prevent odors

Carpeting can trap and hold onto odors from smoke, pets, spills and more. Once again, vacuuming your carpet won’t get rid of any underlying smells, and sometimes the only thing that will is a good steam clean.

Your carpet won’t maintain its nice look

If you are solely relying on a vacuum to keep your carpet clean, not only will your carpet not last as long, it also won’t look as nice while you do have it. Even though you’ll be removing the surface dirt and dust from your carpet with your vacuum, you won’t be getting that deep clean, which only a professional steam cleaning can provide. This will get your carpet looking as good as new, or maybe even better!

Vacuuming won’t protect your warranty

Another extremely important reason to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned is to protect your warranty. You may think that you’re keeping your carpet looking great by vacuuming on a regular basis, but most warranties will state that you need to have a professional cleaning every 12-18 months. If you don’t, you legally won’t be eligible to use your warranty. That seems like a pretty good reason in and of itself!