Carpet Cleaning Trends in 2018

As with any concept, carpet cleaning trends have changed over time. Originally, professional carpet cleaning companies used detergents, soaps, and portable cleaning machines. Later, professionals realized that detergents left soapy residues and portable machines could not heat or clean as well as truck-mounted machines. As we analyze carpet cleaning today, we anticipate the following trends for 2018.

Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products

As we learn more and more about the negative effects humans and their products have on the environment, activists continue to push eco-friendly habits and products. By their nature, most well-known cleaning products may present serious health hazards to you, your family and our environment. Green cleaning products naturally clean your home without the unpleasant, harmful chemical residues. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and comprised of natural, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that won’t negatively impact the environment or your family’s health.

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Installation of Eco-Friendly Carpets

What good will eco-friendly cleaning products be if your carpet composition itself negatively affects the environment? The materials used in carpet manufacturing can be harmful, hence the weird odor that lingers a few days after new carpet installation. New carpet emits potent chemicals and harmful pollutants. Additionally, the adhesives and padding used for carpet installation can be unsuitable for your health. While regular carpet cleaning may significantly reduce exposure to pollutants such as dust mites, fungi, bacteria, and pesticides, it, unfortunately, is never guaranteed. When the time comes to replace carpets, consider installing eco-friendly carpets.

Air Quality Improvement  

Choosing to clean with eco-friendly products will greatly improve your air quality. So will practicing good cleaning habits, such as vacuuming regularly. Contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores accumulate daily and contribute to poor air quality. Vacuuming regularly, at least one to two times a week will keep your carpets looking clean, comfy and dirt-free.

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Do-it-Yourself Carpet Cleaning  

From furniture assembly to home renovation, we’re always looking for ways to do it ourselves. Not only do DIY projects typically save you money, but there is a sense of achievement and an element of fun to completing projects on your own. Many homeowners choose to clean carpets on their own with homemade remedies and machines rented from superstores. The best remedies may include common household ingredients such as baking soda, club soda and vinegar. There is a remedy for each kind of stain. If choosing to clean your own carpets, be sure to match the ingredient that will remove the stain best. Also, if heavy-duty cleaning your own carpets, be sure to avoid over-soaping and over-wetting your carpets as many homeowners make these mistakes and end up damaging their carpets instead of cleaning them.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

While many gravitate towards cleaning their own carpets, it’s wise to schedule a professional carpet cleaning at least one to two times a year, depending on the traffic, color, type and use of your carpets. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will not only preserve the appearance of your carpets but its longevity as well. Professional carpet cleaners use the latest technology, equipment and carpet-cleaning knowledge to clean your carpets and ultimately protect your family and your home. are sparkly clean and preserve the longevity of your carpets.