Get Your Ducts Cleaned Before You Turn On Your Furnace

Summer is coming to a close and soon it will be time to swap the cooling of your air conditioning for the warmer air of the furnace. But nothing is worse than kicking on the furnace when the weather finally gets cold to find that it is not working. Your furnace sits dormant during the summer, which allows dirt and dust to gather as well as other problems. Getting your ducts and furnace cleaned will help keep you warm when it matters most. Here is what to expect during your cleaning.

Check the filters

The furnace filters are rectangular shaped and often white, at least in the beginning. The screen sits between the actual furnace and the return duct to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris the air carries into the return duct as it circulates your home. Keeping your furnace clean will help it work more efficiently to heat your home. If the filter has become dark and discolored, it is time to switch in a new one or clean it, depending on the type. You should check your filters every three months.

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Clear the area

Debris is not just bad to have in your furnace, but around it as well. Heaters work by creating heat which requires ventilation to warm your home properly. Make sure you clear away any storage you placed near it during the summer and sweep away any dust that has built up. Be sure to remove any flammable or combustible materials away from the furnace because of the heat it creates. In addition to keeping you safe and warm, getting rid of clutter near the furnace allows for easier maintenance without the need to move items out of the way to reach the unit.

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Watch for leaks

Modern furnaces often use water to heat your home, which can make them prone to leaking. A pool of water near the bottom of the furnace can lead to extensive water damage, which can be expensive to fix. The water is often from the furnace cooling the down using a coil, which can sweat because of the condensation, or a lack of proper insulation. Yearly furnace maintenance can help keep this from happening, and from becoming a large problem.

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Duct Cleaning

Finally, the professional inspecting your furnace will also clean out the vents carrying the warm air to into the house. Debris that has built up during the summer can make its way into the ducts and block the airflow, making it harder to your home properly. Getting your ducts and furnace inspected will help keep you warm this winter at a lower cost.