How Often Should I Clean My Carpet For Pets?

Whether it’s just you and a furry friend or you have a whole gaggle of pets and family running around the house, you need to be taking care of your carpet more often than you might think. The cleanliness of your carpet directly affects the air quality in your home, impacting the health of your family. Pets are part of that family too! Your carpet takes a beating from your pets, even when they aren’t directly destructive to it.


Your pets will track in dirt and walk it all over your carpet. Even pets that don’t go outdoors might step or play in the dirt you brought in and track it further throughout the house. Keep pets out of muddy, dusty, or sandy areas. Wipe paws and fur at the door to avoid tracking in a mess. 


Fur is a magnet for debris which can be everywhere in your yard. Mulch, grass, twigs, briars, and more can get tangled and tracked inside. Keep a tidy yard and inspect fur before bringing your pet back inside.


Almost all dogs and cats shed which means hair is constantly building up in your carpet and on your upholstery. Brush your pets often and do so in a non-carpeted area. Sweep and vacuum regularly.

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Even pets get sick or have accidents. Urine can quickly soak through carpet to the padding below, causing lasting stains and lingering odors. Feces stuck in carpets can become a bacterial hazard to your health. Pet stomach acid from vomit and hairballs will damage carpet fibers. Keep pets in good health and potty train them early.


Even if your pet doesn’t shed hair, they are still shedding dander (skin cells). This can build up in carpets and irritate allergies. Keep pets clean with regular bathing and grooming. Dust and vacuum often.


Pets are creatures of habit and curl up in the same spots repeatedly. Eventually, the oils naturally secreted by skin and hair will soak into that area and cause discoloration and odor. Diligent cleaning of those areas will help reduce stains and constant matting.

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Now comes the big question, with these things and more being done to your carpet, how often do you really need to clean it? Vacuuming should be a weekly occurrence at the very least. Any accidents or items that could stain should be scrubbed with a carpet cleaner or steam machine immediately.

If you have pets or pets and kids, the high-traffic areas of your home should be professionally cleaned 2-4 times per year. Using hall runners and rugs can help reduce the number of professional cleanings you need in these areas. A whole-home carpet cleaning should occur yearly or every two years at the most.

If you’re overdue for a carpet cleaning, call Sears today.