How to Clean a Couch

Your couch, and other upholstered furniture, can really take a beating from people constantly sitting and shifting around. This problem is made even worse once you think about all of the crumbs, dirt, and items from peoples’ pockets that make their way into the cracks between the cushions, or even into the fabric itself. Here is how to properly remove all of this stains from your couch.

Step 1 – The Surface

The first thing to do is vacuum the couch to get as much dirt out as you can on your own. Go over all parts that are covered in fabric using a hand-vacuum cleaner, or an attachment on a full size model. Be sure to go over the cushions and between them as well. Also, remove the furniture cushions if possible to clean the bottom side and the area beneath it. This is where you may find some of the items that have gotten missing from your pockets recently.

Step 2 – The Non-Fabric Areas

Once the upholstery has been thoroughly vacuumed, then go ahead and wipe down any wood or metal pieces of the couch. This can be done using a combination of warm water and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. You may be surprised at how much dirt comes off from places where peoples; hands or feet rest while sitting on the couch.

Step 3 – Get to the Stains

With the superficial parts of the couch now clean again, it’s time to reach the grime that the vacuum wasn’t strong enough to hit. For this step, you can buy upholstery cleaning solution or make your own cleaning solution at home. Make sure you read the tag about what is safe to use on the fabric, so that you don’t damage your furniture. Often enough, a combination of water, vinegar, and soap will do the trick. Pour the mix into a spray bottle, apply to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away. Finally, let the couch dry but be sure it doesn’t grow mold by pointing a fan at it if the weather is humid.

Step 4 – Don’t Forget to Call a Professional

This cleaning process will not remove every stain on your couch, so it is recommended that you call a professional upholstery cleaner a couple times a year to really bring the fibers back into good condition. These upholstery cleaners often have advanced techniques, like hot water extraction, to make the fabric like new again. Many carpet cleaning services will offer upholstery cleaning too, so you can get two birds with one stone!