How to Get Rid of the Worst Pet Stains

Accidents happen. Inevitably, if you’re a pet-owner, accidents happen on your carpets, and they happen often. No need to sugar coat it, chances are you’ve already been exposed to the elements if you’re reading this article. The worst pet stains for your carpet are urine, vomit, and feces. Tackle these pet stains by acting quickly and following these carpet cleaning tips:

Act Quickly

Time is of the essence when tending to pet accidents. The quicker you act, the better chances of salvaging your carpet. If possible, clean up pet accidents as soon as it hits your carpet and while it is still wet. If the stain dries, the odor will seep into your carpet fibers and its padding making it impossible to dissipate. Additionally, the acid in pet vomit stains surfaces almost instantly.

First you’ll need to remove and dispose of larger, solid pieces such as feces and vomit chunks with rubber gloves, a dustpan or even a pooper-scooper. Then use paper towels or non-colored, clean rags to absorb the remaining liquids.

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Blot, Never Scrub

Always blot a stain, never scrub. Scrubbing over a soiled area will only further push the stain into your carpet and simultaneously damage your carpet fibers and your carpet entirely. Once larger pieces are removed, blot paper towels over the stained area until liquids are no longer transferred to the paper towel.

 Home Remedies

Many homeowners swear by the effectiveness of well-known pet cleaners while others turn to their own home remedies. Whatever stain remover you use, avoid using detergent to clean any carpet stains. Detergents leave a soapy residue that is cannot be removed completely and will only attract dirt and future stains. Additionally, avoid using a steam cleaner to remove pet stains. The heat from the steamer may bond the urine proteins to the carpet fibers permanently staining the carpet and locking in odor.

We prefer home remedies with vinegar because not only is it a disinfectant but it is a deodorizer. Combine 1 part water and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle and saturate the soiled area then blot with a clean cloth remembering to avoid scrubbing and to work from the outside of the stain in rather than rubbing back and forth to avoid spreading the stain. Continue to repeat steps as necessary until stain is removed. Finally, diligently sprinkle baking soda over the treated spot, let sit, then vacuum to absorb odors.

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Schedule a Carpet Cleaning

Stains are tricky and you can’t always tend to soiled spots immediately after accidents happen. If not properly cleaned, stains will resurface and damage your carpet. For tougher stains, schedule a professional carpet cleaning to protect the longevity of your carpet and remove odors from your home.