Pro’s Guide to Vacuuming

You know you’re watching a professional in their field when they make what they are doing look easy. The same goes for carpet cleaning. If you’re constantly underwhelmed by your efforts and wish you could vacuum like the pros, don’t fret—this guide is for you.

Find a Magic Vacuum

Just kidding, there’s no special brand or model that will instantly make your carpets look fresh as the day they were laid. More important than that is how you take care of whatever vacuum you choose. For maximum efficiency, empty the bag or canister when it reaches 3/4 full and keep the brush heads clear of wrapped hair and fibers. Most models have removable filters that need to be rinsed or replaced at regular intervals. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for specific maintenance recommendations.

Vacuum Last

If vacuuming is one of many cleaning tasks you have, save it for last. Dirt is affected by gravity just as we are. Always start at the top of the room (ceiling fans, high bookshelves), then move to the middle (couches, tables), and finally you can vacuum the floor.

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Pick up Debris

Before you vacuum, visually inspect the carpet and remove anything too large or unsafe for the vacuum such as bobby pins, paper clips, stale french fries, etc. Whatever you can easily pick up by hand is most likely not good for your vacuum cleaner.

Spots & Stains

As you’re searching for larger debris, keep an eye out for lingering stains or spots. Treat stains immediately with homemade or commercial cleaners. Wait for the spot to dry before vacuuming. You never want to vacuum over a wet spot, especially if the cause is unknown.

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Preparation is key and now that your carpet is ready for vacuuming, you need to get the vacuum ready. Be sure the settings are correct for your flooring type or carpet height. Check that all attachments are present and secured for easy reach.


Dirt burrows deep into carpet fibers; to get every last speck, vacuum the same area from multiple angles. Lift up light furniture and be diligent about the hard to clean spaces. Don’t be tempted to rush just because it’s a pain on your back or knees to vacuum each and every stair. A half done vacuum job is just as bad as none at all. Prevent area rug edges from fraying by pulling the vacuum from the middle to the edges.

Finishing Touches

If you really aim to impress, create crisp, straight lines in the carpet. Plug the vacuum into an outlet just outside the room and start in the corner furthest from the door. Pull back in a straight line for 3 to 5 feet then push forward at an angle so the vacuum head is overlapping about halfway with its previous position, now pull back straight again and do the same across the room, always working toward the door and never stepping where you just vacuumed.

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Repeat Often

If you want to vacuum like the pros, you need to practice your skills. It’s as simple as that. Call Sears for a deep clean to get your professional vacuuming career off to a good start.