What Can Happen If You Neglect Your Carpet

Any time you make a big investment you want to protect that investment and make sure it lasts long as possible. Getting new carpet is a huge investment, so it should be no different. Carpet sees a lot of action in any house, especially in high-traffic areas. Even though you may see some wear and tear, if you take care of your carpet and treat it with a little bit of TLC, you’ll see that not only will it last longer, it will look great for longer as well. Unfortunately, many people forget to care for their carpet. You could even go as far as to say that they neglect it! If you do that, here’s what will happen:

Your carpet won’t last as long

It’s common sense that the better you take care of something, the longer it will last. As we mentioned above, getting new carpet is a big investment and you want to care for your investments so that they last as long as possible. If you neglect your carpet, the bottom line is that it just won’t last as long as it could or as it should. Seems like a no-brainer!

It will be harder to clean when you do clean it

Some people may think that running a vacuum over their carpet every once in a while, entitles them to a big pat on the back. The truth of the matter is that you should really be vacuuming your carpet multiple times per week, at that is only the first step. If you wait weeks or even (gasp!) months to clean your carpet, each time you do it, it will just be more difficult. The longer you let stains set, the harder it will be to get them out. The more dust and dirt that gets trapped in your carpet, the tougher it will be to vacuum. The more often you clean your carpet, the easier it will be every time you do it. Don’t let it all pile up (pun intended), as this will get you into a real mess (again, pun intended!).

Harmful substances can get trapped in your carpet

Food remnants, germs, dust, bacteria, hair, dirt, dead skin, and pet dander are just a few of the many substances that may get built up in your carpet. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis will improve the air quality in your house, making it a little easier for you to breathe, and it will also ensure you don’t get sick from germs and bacteria that have been left to spread.

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Expert tip: if you think that relying solely on a vacuum to keep your carpet clean will do the trick, you’re wrong. In order to fully and completely remove all of the gross stuff mentioned above that accumulates in your carpet, you should have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once every year. Two times per year would be even better.

Your room and house won’t look as nice

There’s nothing that makes a room look and feel cleaner than a freshly cleaned carpet. If you neglect your carpet and let the dirt and stains set in, your carpet will begin to look grungy. This will have an effect on the entire look of the room and your house.

Your home may start to smell

If you don’t take care of your carpet, it may start to smell. Carpet traps in odors from smoke, pets, food, and more. Once these odors are set into your carpet, they can be difficult to remove. Keeping your carpet clean will ensure that your home smells nice, in addition to looking nice.

You won’t be able to maintain your warranty

Your carpet should come with a warranty. That warranty most likely states that in order to be valid you have to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once every 12-18 months. If you neglect your carpet and don’t give it the proper care, not only will it affect the look and feel of your home, you will also legally no longer be entitled to your warranty.